How Attraction Works for Men

how attraction works

In this wild and confusing world of dating it often helps to look at things from the perspective of the person you wish to understand. How much would you love it if you could only understand how attraction works for me? What if you could get inside those heads and push aside all the beer and football and really figure out what they are thinking. That being said, not all men will be exactly the same; they will be attracted to different things and to different kinds of women. Good news though, there are some comment denominators that most men are attracted to. Some of them are slow going and can take a little while to figure out but there are also some that are obvious and can be easily implemented. Do you want to have a successful relationship that lasts the test of time? Then you need to know and understand these keys of attraction. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be as hard as you think it is. Read through these points to get you started.

  • Beauty You would think this is a pretty obvious point to make. Men like hot women and hot women can increase the attraction in men. There are lots of executives in advertising sitting up in their office charging companies lots of money to build campaigns around this notion. A beautiful woman can catch the eye of her desired mate and keep his attention. A man feels special when a beautiful woman notices him and will fall over himself if he thinks she likes him. Not all beauty is created equal and not all men see beauty as the same thing. You don’t need to be a supermodel to get his attention. Just take a bit of time to look your best when you are around the man you are interested in and he will start to notice you. It may not happen right away, it can be a work in progress, but don’t stop working at it.
  • He feels good around her If a man always feels good when he is around you then his level of attraction towards you will increase. This goes for women who are trying to get that man or even if you are married. His attraction to you will deepen over time if he feels good when he is around you. How do you do this? Well there are a few simple things you can do. Give him compliments on what he does, or what he wears. Just be sure not to over do it or come on too strong. Use manners, I know another obvious one, but a lot of people get so relaxed around others that they just take things for granted. Try not to get caught up in drama, game or conflict. Not just with him but with others as well. This kind of woman will be easy to get along with and is easy to feel good around. His attraction level will only increase as he finds how good he feels when he’s around you.

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  • She forgives easily No one likes to be nagged, especially men. If a woman is constantly nagging her boyfriend or partner about everything then she will become less attractive to her man over time. If something happens and she brushes it off as no big deal or lets it go very easily then that woman will become even more attractive to that man. It sends the man a message, it tells him that as you two go through life together you will not obsess and stress over the small stuff. It goes back to our other point of how he feels good around you. This will hold true from the first date to the 50 year anniversary. If while on your first date he spills wine on you and you have a melt down, he will remember that moment forever and nothing else.
  • Confidence is sexy A recent poll revealed that men find confident women as one of the most appealing types to be with. Please don’t confuse this with be cocky or up yourself. You can know you’ve got it and know who you are, just don’t flaunt it. Go after what you want but don’t act like your life depends on it. You can call someone’s bluff or call them out, those things can be very sexy to a man. Be warned, this is not something that you can fake, if you aren’t genuine you will be caught very soon. Confidence works for both men and women. You know you are attracted to a man who has confidence. If the man is bold and goes after you then you find it sexy. If you can carry yourself with that kind of attitude, that you don’t care what people think, then he will be very, very attracted to you.
  • A woman’s smile has power It’s so simple and yet so under used. It has to be one of the easiest ways to create attraction in a man. Women who smile a lot tend to be more active socially because they have all the previous points all rolled up. They have the confidence, they are beautiful and they are quick to forgive, so they have a real reason to smile. They are genuinely happy. A smile can break down barriers and let a man know that you are approachable. You don’t want to be that bitchy girl who has the scowl on her face, forget what the fashion magazines tell you. A smile isn’t just a great way to meet. A smile to a boyfriend can tell him that you are still into him and you enjoy the time you spend together. If you are married it can tell him that everything is going to be ok no matter what happens or where we end up. Don’t forget how powerful your smile is, a lot of women do. It’s a great tool to have and even easier to use!

The Bottom Line

What it all comes down to is understanding how attraction works and to not try and over analyze everything. All that overthinking will just confuse you and eventually backfire. Remember the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid). Always smile, be your beautiful self, be quick to forgive and be easy to be around. Don’t hang on his every word and act like the whole world will fall apart if he doesn’t call you back. Once you master these principles his attraction to you is bound to increase.

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