Does He Really Love Me?

There comes a time in your relationship when you start to wonder where things are going and what the other person is thinking. You know what I’m talking about, the “L” word. Now it can be a very exciting time or very dreaded. Wondering when it is going to happen can feel like torture. You don’t want to push him or rush him but at the same time you are still left wondering. You can drop all the hints in the world but he won’t say it unless he is truly ready. There is no sure way to read his mind but there are some clues that help you test the water. Don’t worry you don’t need all the clues on the list, every man is different, but if you can hit a few on this list then you are doing very well!

  • He communicates frequently When a man loves you he can’t get enough of you. When he’s not spending time with you then he’s calling, or texting or using some method of communication so reach out to you.
  • He tells you intimate things Most men have a difficult time opening up about serious things in life, if your man loves you then he will feel comfortable enough to let himself be vulnerable. Now don’t let this throw you, because if he does this on the first date then it’s not love. On the other hand, if it happens 3-6 months into the relationship then it could definitely look like he is starting to fall in love with you. What would be something that is considered intimate? Well let’s explore that. If he shares details of his childhood or his family, or feelings about a painful divorce or breakup, even his life goals and dreams then he is becoming more comfortable around you. Other clues you can look out for are if he talks about his mother. Now if he talks about her all the time then he may have mommy issues, but if he just shares occasionally then he could subconsciously be letting you know he wants to marry someone like her, maybe even you!
  • He takes risks with you You can define taking risks by identifying anything that he does that is out of his comfort zone. Do you have a shy guy who you never thought would get out on a dance floor at your cousins wedding? If he shocks you can gets out there and has fun with you then that is a good sign! If he starts taking interest and showing excitement about doing things like cake decorating classes, going to IKEA or taking trips to the museum then you can do a little happy dance. If he says yes to going to the ballet on Christmas Eve then you have a very “smitten kitten.”

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  • He treats you like you walk on water Basically this means does he treat you like his Queen. If it seems like he thinks you are wonderful and can do no wrong then he is showing some feelings for you. Does he go out of his way to protect you and keep you safe? Then he is showing his chivalry to display his feeling for you.
  • He starts using the “L” word in random conversation When he is ready to open up and share his love he will start using the “L” word. Don’t get too excited we’re talking about a man here, he won’t directly say the word to you, but he will use it to describe other things. It cold be something as simple as a text message for instance. He might text you and say, “I would love to see you again.” Or, “I love cheesecake too!” He will really starts getting close to saying those coveted 3 words, he will say something like, “I love doing stuff with you.” If you are starting to hear this word randomly creep up in conversation then you are well on your way to hear exactly what you have been waiting for.
  • He actually says the three little words Ok this maybe be a bit of a no brainer, but by they time he does say it you may not believe it when you finally do hear it! Men don’t always throw that phrase out there. So when he says it, take it. You deserve it, congratulations!

The Bottom Line

The old phrase “actions speak louder than words” is the perfect way to sum things up. Ladies if he cares he may not say it but he will show it. You should know this by now, men are not great communicators. You will know how he feels and if he cares by the way he acts around you and how he treats you. As women we are insightful, you should go with your gut. You know deep down how he feels, don’t second guess yourself. I hope you can learn from these tips and little clues about how to decode your man. The best advice I can give you is to let him get there on his own, don’t rush him or pressure him. Because once he gets there and does it on his own, you will never have to worry about questioning his love.

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