How Commitment Works For Men

get him to commit

Are you dealing with a man who is afraid to make that commitments? Maybe you have been dating for a long time and you sit and wonder why he hasn’t made the move to take the relationship to the next level? Do you wonder why your man hasn’t even brought up the idea of a possible commitment? Don’t worry ladies, it’s not you, it’s him. I know it can be frustrating trying to figure out what is going on in that head of his but don’t worry, as always we have some tips for you. Knowing and understanding these secrets can help you help him along to move things forward in the relationship.

  • Attraction This is something that is an obvious necessity for every relationship, but it doesn’t come down to just hip to waist ratios or bust size. How well do you take care of yourself, are you healthy? Do you do your best to try and look your best when you are around him so he can feel proud to call you his? He may not say the words but when he is thinking about taking the next step he is thinking far into the future. What will the kids look like? How will you take care of them? How you take care of your self is a direct reflection for him on how you will take care of the family.
  • Being with you is “easy” You need to make him feel comfortable around you. This means don’t start any drama, don’t pressure him and don’t make him sweat. Think about it as how you choose your friends. You don’t want any of those things either. You want someone you feel comfortable around, someone you can be yourself with, well so does he! We he feels like that he will want to be around you more and making the decision to commit will be easy.
  • You make him feel amazing We all love to get told how beautiful and fabulous we are, it makes us feel good. The same goes for him. He may not want to be told he is beautiful but he does want to feel amazing around you and when he does he will want to be with you more. The reason most men cheat is because they don’t feel appreciated. Men are sensitive creatures with fragile egos, which means their egos can get inflated by anyone, whether they are in a committed relationship or not. Make sure you are the one inflating that ego and making him feel good if you want him to stick around and take things to the next level.

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  • He knows he makes her happy Pleasing you is a job he takes very seriously believe it or not. It’s true for men at every level of society. They get a boost of ego and a sense of accomplishment when they feel like they have made you happy. If you are the type of woman who always complains then he won’t want to commit because he feels like he isn’t doing a good enough job for you. If there is no doubt in his mind that he is going a good job at making you happy he will be more inclined to stick around.
  • You are different There are men who know just what to say to get a girl in bed or get that date. There are the players of the world. The man that wants a commitment wants a girl who isn’t so easy. You have heard men say this countless times when asked why he finally decided to propose. “She was just different than all the other girls, there is something about her.” This quality is something men long to find in their future mate. Create some mystery and don’t act like a drama queen in the process.
  • She shares feelings easily Men know that we can be emotional and that we are much better at discussing our feelings. But remember that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings either, they just aren’t always forth coming with them. When you are able to open up and share your feelings with he will be drawn to that. Be careful though, make sure you do it with no pressure or expectations. That way he will be more interested in sharing back. This goes back to when he first asked you out and the fears that went along with it. If he feared that you were going to say no he might not have ever asked. It’s the same when it comes to commitment. Don’t be too busy trying to play hard to get that you make him think you aren’t interested.
  • She doesn’t try to convince him that he needs to Your relationship won’t move to the next level based on just one conversation. They will move to the next level because of a combination of the variables I mentioned above. During your relationship you need to make him feel amazing and that you are someone he doesn’t want to lose. A commitment that started because you sat him down and gave him two options is most likely not going to have a successful future.

The Bottom Line

It’s very easy to say that every man is different when it comes to commitment. The truth is, as humans we all have similarities when it comes down to these matters. The things that make us feel good are the things we gravitate to. The things that make us feel bad, we avoid. Even people who confess to being commitmentphobes aren’t really scared about commitment. They are scared about being hurt. Everyone wants to find their someone. Getting your man to commit doesn’t come down to cornering him and giving him an ultimatum. It’s about creating that bond in a relationship that makes him feel like no other and makes him want to be around you.

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