How To Kiss

how to kiss

How to Kiss

A boy has caught your eye. They’re cute. They seem like they might think that you’re cute too. You wouldn’t mind it at all if you were to bump into their face with your face. But how to kiss? Do you know how to kiss? Do you know how to French kiss? How to make out? How to kiss a guy? Might this be your first kiss? For a lot of people, there can be big question marks over how to kiss a boy.

Enjoying a good kiss with someone is a very important part of feeling a compatibility with them. What’s more, it’s good for you, so it’s important that you enjoy it! If the person you kiss is using their teeth like barbecue tongs, or is drowning you in saliva, it’s not going to make you excited to go back for more. A base knowledge of how to kiss is very important for everyone to have.

Here is a step-by-step guide for how to deliver the perfect kiss, every time. These kissing tips will cover you from your first kiss, right through to how to French kiss, and take the worry out of how to kiss a boy for anyone who needs advice on how to kiss.

So, do you want to know how to kiss? Lick those lips and let’s get started!

How to Kiss: Pre-Kiss

A perfect kiss will require a small amount of preparation. Don’t worry, it’s not as if you’re studying for an end-of-year exam – most of this ‘how to kiss prep work’ you’ll probably already do without thinking! But it’s always good to have a reference to what you can do to help create that perfect moment.

Step 1: Preparation

If someone is going to be around your mouth, make sure it’s a nice place to be! Brush your teeth thoroughly, use chap stick or lip gloss, and maybe pop in a breath mint in the hours before the kiss.

Having a fresh feeling mouth can give you extra confidence when the time comes. But in reality, unless you’ve eaten a whole clove of garlic, most people will think your mouth just tastes like ‘mouth’.

Step 2: Instigate

The use of subtle hints and body language will go a long way to getting you that long sought-after kiss. If you’re feeling some sort of connection with a special someone, you can communicate your willingness without shouting it at them.

Quick glances at them from across the room and half-smiles when they look at you, will soon let on that you are interested. And using lip gloss or chap stick may make your lips look even more appealing.

how to kiss

Step 3: Test the Water

If you’ve managed to get close to the person, a kiss on the cheek or hand can signal your intentions loudly and clearly to the other person. A basic of knowing how to kiss is being playful, it can help bring down both of your guards.

You can start with a slow kiss on the cheek, right next to his lips, it can be a simple segue into an actual kiss.

Step 4: Set the Mood

Kissing is more than just physical – it’s a mental connection. A romantic compliment may be just the thing to instigate a kiss. Pay the person a truthful compliment – “your eyes are beautiful”, “There’s nowhere I’d rather be right now” – to show that you really like this person. You may find them kissing you before you get the chance to kiss them!

Step 5: Be Bold if Needed

Sometimes the signals of when and how to kiss a guy are hard to read. Or maybe your crush hasn’t even noticed that you’re hitting on them! If you’re not getting an obvious ‘yes’ or an obvious ‘no’, you may have to be bolder. But don’t worry, you can still sound romantic when you do it!

Saying something as straightforward as “I’d really like to kiss you right now” may feel hard to say, but sometimes being direct is the best bet. Remember: You must be sure that the other person is consensual. Consent is the most important aspect of how to kiss a boy.

Step 6: Lean In

If the lights have turned green, what are you waiting for? Close your eyes, lean in and…read on!

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How to Kiss: For First-Time Kissers

A first kiss is a landmark in anyone’s life. So what do you need to know about how to kiss before the big moment?

Step 1: Choose Someone You Trust for Your First Kiss

The ideal partner for your first kiss is someone that you trust implicitly. This will take a lot of the nerves and stress out of the moment. They’ll also be more patient and understanding.

Remember, you won’t know everything about how to kiss a boy the first time, and you don’t have to!

PRO TIP: Everyone feels awkward during their first kiss. By sharing the moment with a trusted person, you’ll build intimacy though that shared experience, no matter if you didn’t know how to kiss at the time.

Step 2: Your First Kiss is Not a Race!

If you’re looking for that perfect first kiss, there’s no need to rush. Draw the experience out. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. You only get one first kiss, why not make the moment last? This can make the eventual kiss even more sensual and exciting.

Step 3: Hand Over the First Kiss Reins

Is your partner perhaps a little more experienced than you? Does he know how to kiss? Like ballroom dancing, it may help if he takes the lead. By letting him control proceedings, and simply imitating the techniques that he uses, you could know how to kiss like a professional in no time!

How to Kiss: Techniques

So we’re at the business end. How to make out. The actual kissing tips. If your lips and your partner are ready, let’s dive right in!

how to french kiss

Step 1: No Stiff Upper Lips

Do you remember the puckered smooch that you used to get from your Grandma? If you want to know how to kiss like a Grandma, this is all you need to remember. But your partner doesn’t want to kiss his Grandma. Not at this point, anyway.

Keep your lips soft and slightly parted. This will communicate a welcomeness to your partner that a tightly puckered set of lips just can’t.

Step 2: Start Slow

There’s no need to dive straight into some level 10 smooching. How to French kiss will come later - the tongue and teeth can wait for now. Start slow, with light ‘butterfly’ kisses that gradually get longer and heavier. This slow start will allow the other person to pull out if they feel uncomfortable.

Try to avoid your lips making a smacking sound, which can be distracting. If you do hear them smack, try parting your lips slightly.

Step 3: Control Your Saliva

One of the biggest kissing complaints comes from kisses that are too slobbery. You need to know how to kiss a boy without drowning them. Try to control the amount of saliva that is in your mouth by swallowing any excess. If this proves difficult, pull away to take a small break and discreetly get rid of the extra moisture.

Step 4: The Lip-Lock

If the initial, external kissing has gone well, the lip-lock is a gateway to how to French kiss. So what’s the technique for how to kiss with the lip lock? You basically form you and your partner’s lips into a stack formation. From bottom to top, it will go: your bottom lip, your partner’s bottom lip, your top lip, your partner’s top lip.

To begin this technique, all you really need to do it grab your partner’s lower lip gently with your lips.

Step 5: Breathe

Usually this step won’t even need to be thought about. If you can breathe through your nose, you should be fine to breathe while kissing. If you can’t breathe through your nose for any reason, you’ll need to take small breaks during the kiss.

There’s no need to be self-conscious if you need to take a breath break. Your partner will understand! And it’s the perfect time to drop a ‘you take my breath away’ line! This is quickly turning from how to kiss a boy to how to be super smooth!

Step 6: Don’t Forget Your Hands!

Hands are funny things. As soon as you think about them, you wonder what you normally do with them! When it comes to how to kiss, if used right, they can help to heighten the mood.

A common way for kissers’ hands to be positioned is the girl’s hands looped around the boy’s neck, and the boy’s hands around the girl’s waist. Cupping your partners face will add sensuality. Finally, running your fingers through your partner’s hair and gently tugging at it can add a huge amount of spice!

Step 7: Tongue Trial

Once you’re comfortable in the lip lock, it might be time to introduce some tongue. Gently brush your partner’s lips with your tongue, and see how they respond. If they pull away, it might be best to stick to lips only. If the response is a positive one, you may be ready to skip to the next section, how to French kiss.

Step 8: Variety is the Spice of Life

Alternate between techniques. You can go from French kissing (which we’ll cover in the ‘how to French kiss’ section to come) to lip kissing to lip locking to whatever you dream up. Changes in speed, pressure and positioning can keep things interesting for everyone. For a bit of extra fun, try little cat and mouse games with your partner.

Step 9: How to Kiss a Guy Using The Nibble

Teeth are usually considered a no-no when it comes to kissing, but used wisely, they can actually add to the experience. A Connecting Singles poll, in fact found a soft nibble of the neck is what turns men on the most.

When you’re in the lip lock, try gently – and I emphasize gently – nibbling your partner’s lips. This should feel like your teeth are simply grazing their lips if anything, but it can add a different texture and feel, spicing up the make-out session even further. Be prepared to be rejected though, nibbling can be a love it or hate it option for many people, particularly if we’re talking about someone’s first kiss.

Step 10: Take a Break

Rather than taking away from the experience, short breaks can add to it. They can provide moments for you to look into each other’s eyes, whisper something cute, or just bask in the moment. At this point, it can be as much about knowing how to kiss a guy as it is knowing how not to.

how to kiss

How to French Kiss

So, we’re into the real stuff – how to French kiss. The French have happily taken credit for this kiss, but it’s probably safe to say that a kiss involving tongues was around long before they were. Anywho, if you and your partner are ready to get a little French, here’s how to French kiss:

Step 1: Transitioning to Tongue

Sweep your tongue along the inside of your partner’s lips at first. If they respond well (and they also know how to French kiss), sweep it deeper into their mouth until it meets with their tongue.

Step 2: Increase the Intensity

Use light, sweeping motions against their tongue, and keep moving – a limp tongue isn’t too appealing. Try firmer and quicker movements if your partner is responsive.

Men (unconsciously) use open mouth kissing to transfer Testosterone to increase their partner’s libido. So it’s a good reason for them to know how to French Kiss.

How to Kiss: The Post-Date Kiss

Knowing how to kiss a boy after a date can be super tricky. The goodnight kiss is an unpredictable event, and it can be hard to gauge when it’s appropriate. Let’s have a look at how to kiss, post-date.

Step 1: Bring it in

If you’d like to end the night with a kiss, get close. When the time comes to part, if you’ve got too much space between you it can start feeling awkward closing that distance. When you’re at the car or doorstep, find a way to gently touch his shoulder or chest in order to close the gap.

If they seem happy to let you into their personal space, you’re getting closer to a goodnight peck. So let’s look at how to kiss a guy from there.

Step 2: Get Lost in the Eyes

Eye contact is about as basic a piece of body language as there is. And if you’re standing close to someone and looking deep into their eyes, it will become very clear, very quickly whether your night will end in a kiss or not. You shouldn’t need experience to figure that out.

If the eye contact goes on too long before you can tell whether you’ve got the green light or not, break it by glancing down to your date’s lips and then re-establish it. And do your best to not over-talk in this situation.

Step 3: Get a Bit Cheeky

If you still aren’t entirely sure that your date wants to finish the evening with a kiss, you can go part way there by first aiming for the cheek. This can be done while leaning in for a hug.

You want to make sure that your intent is clear, however. Aim for a kiss near the mouth or the ear, and let your lips linger there for a second or two. If you accompany this with a cheeky whisper in their ear, they’ll soon get the message that this isn’t a platonic cheek-peck. You may soon find yourself putting your lessons in how to kiss a boy to use!

Step 4: Simple is Best

If you’ve got this level of uncertainty, then it’s probably fair to assume that this will be your first kiss with this person. With that in mind, try to keep this first kiss as simple as possible. This is no time for a clinic in how to French kiss or a nibble at their tongue.

If your date is welcome to your advances, a simple lip lock should suffice, as anything more may be deemed a little too forward by most first daters. Sure, you may know how to French kiss, but this may not be the time.

Step 5: Gauge the Reaction

Check your date’s reaction. If it’s very positive, then you may get the green light to go for a romantic kiss (where your knowledge of how to French kiss may come in very handy). Otherwise, you can simply leave it at that, leaning back, opening your eyes and smiling.

how to french kiss

Using Your Knowledge of How to Make Out

So there you have it, you now know how to make out. Whether you use your knowledge for your first kiss, or to show someone how to French kiss, it’s up to you!

Kissing should be a fun and intimate experience. It’s hard to do when you may not think you know how to kiss, but try not to overthink it. It’s been proven that kissing is in our very DNA, so most of these tips will come naturally to you. The answer of exactly how to kiss a boy will likely already be in your head somewhere!

So go and get kissing!

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