Why Men Lie

We all know that one of the most important components of a relationship is trust. If you can honestly fully trust your man, then most of the relationship issues wouldn’t exist. This is why most women will have honesty on their list of criteria when they are asked what they look for in a man. But we all know the sad truth, men lie. Now don’t get me wrong, women lie too, but men seem to do it more often and for much different reasons. If more of us knew why men lied then it might keep us from getting hurt, and could even help up spot the signs sooner. In fact, if you know why men like than it will also help you pick out the good ones from the bad ones. When you know why men are lie then you will probably feel more secure in your relationship. Maybe it will lead to less fights as well?

  • Because he thinks he’s helping Another way to word this would be to say, “Because he is trying to avoid a fight.” We are all guilty of asking this question, “Does this make me look fat?” When you ask that you are asking for some trouble. He can’t really win, no matter what he tries. So he lies. What many of us fail to realize is no matter what his answer is; if he is with you, he thinks you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you have a new dress on or an old one. In his mind, he is thinking he has dodged a bullet and avoided a fight.
  • Because he has a fragile ego Yes a fragile ego, but remember it’s also big. Too bog to tell you he has feelings, but fragile enough to remind you that he is human, even if it’s only once in a while. After famous play write Neil Simon wrote his play, ‘Come Blow Your Horn’ he went to work everyday telling his wife that he was going to work on his second play. He wasn’t working on his next play, he was just too embarrassed to tell her the truth.
  • Because he wants to build up his ego This tends to happen when he spends too much time with the boys. He says things like, “I kept her up all night” or “I’m going to be making six figures any day now.” This just goes back to the caveman days and the primitive need to puff himself up in front of the other males. If women are around then these lies tends to exaggerate and grow. He will say ridiculous things like, “Oh ya, I can bench 250 no problem” while you glare at him thinking he hasn’t been to the gym in at least three years.

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  • Because he’s just not that into you anymore Sadly this can be a reason, and it is unfortunate. “No, sorry, I won’t be able to call when I get there. I don’t even know when the meeting even starts.” Watch out for the over use of words like “even” and for a higher pitch in his voice or a lack of details. These can all be clues that he may be losing interest.
  • Because he’s trying to get out of something You know he can be lazy. Do you need help cleaning the house, or putting together some furniture. Watch how busy he gets because he is trying to get out of doing something. Can you blame him though? How many times have you use the line, “No sorry, washing my hair tonight” or “Not tonight, I have a headache.”
  • Because he can get away with it Even though men aren’t great liars, they aren’t complete idiots either. They tend to lie the most when they know they will be able to get away with it. A good example is when he tells you he graduated with honors, he knows you aren’t going to check, or might not even be able to check. This circles back to building up his ego as well.
  • Because he truly believes you might turn into a psycho chick if he tells you the truth It’s not your fault but he could have had some really bad experiences before he met you. You can’t really blame him, his half of the sex has probably done the same thing to you. Which is why you kindly refer to many of your exes as stalkers or psychos. Well good news, you can decrease your chances of falling into this category by doing one thing…never act like a crazy chick. When he sees you as always calm and with a cool attitude all of the time, he will feel more comfortable with you and open up and be honest.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that most men feel they need to lie for self-presentation. Although you think his little while lies or even the big ones are good enough reason to start the next argument, it is exactly what he is trying to avoid. On the other hand, he could be doing it because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, even when you feel like you really deserve the truth. It’s not a big secret that most men aren’t in touch with their emotions as we are, so it’s not easy for them to open up and tell you what they are thinking. Lucky for you now you have an insight as to why he lies which hopefully will make life easier for you. Also, once you have a history of being that calm cool chick, he will feel more comfortable with you and be more willing to give you the truth in the future.

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